A Therapeutic Approach
Advanced Teacher Training
with Hart Lazer


This advanced level training in the therapeutic essentials of Yoga is designed to deepen your understanding of Yoga and your role as a teacher as you acquire new skills to effectively help people in difficulty with a variety of therapeutics needs.

For over 35 years, Hart Lazer has been teaching and training Yoga teachers internationally in the therapeutic essentials of Yoga as a means towards restoring health and wellbeing.

The depth of Hart’s knowledge and experience rests in a blend of the teachings of Ramanand Patel and Iyengar Yoga-inspired techniques, along with contemporary somatic approaches including Body-Mind Centring and Somatic Experiencing. His unique understanding and inclusion of various techniques and forms is combined with a spiritual practice rooted in Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

Hart’s varied background offers an interdisciplinary approach to the therapeutic benefits of Yoga. This program integrates an in-depth understanding of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the organ system, immune system and human psychology, as well as the digestive, circulatory, lymphatic and other major systems of the body, via specific asana, meditation and breath work.

Skills you will develop in this program

  • Observational as well as hands on skills to access various physical conditions.
  • Build an extensive repertoire of poses to help alleviate causes of distress.
  • Learn new modifications for both group classes and private sessions.
  • Refinement of verbal teaching and communication skills, cultivate language sensitivity in your teaching.
  • Acquire awareness of breath pattern and nervous system response in your students.
  • Gain proficiency in the the use of props and the Yoga Wall as tools to enable rest and recovery. Our holistic approach emphasizes the use of these props to offer adaptations to the classical poses.
  • The ability to draw on various different meditation and visualization techniques in an way that’s appropriate for the individual.

Program overview

This training is taught in 10 weekend intensives. Each module will introduce students to a particular topic. There will be 170 -180 hours of direct class time and 20 – 30 hours of group assignments, personal home study, and practice.

This program is invested in educating yoga teachers to becoming knowledgeable about the potential effects of yoga and meditation as a means towards wellbeing. You will be familiarized with multiple layers of the human body and psyche as emphasized by the yoga tradition (The Koshas). This integrative therapeutic approach to yoga emphasizes joining physical movement with breath awareness and spiritual intention – the integration of breath, body and mind – the physical and emotional process towards restoring balance, well-being and improved health.

Programme requirements

  • Submission of homework and assignments.
  • Monthly independent home yoga and meditation practices are given to the group.
  • Punctual attendance in full is mandatory. Should any hour’s be missed, the student is responsible to make up these hours in order to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Successfully pass both oral and written exams.

Admission requirements

  • A minimum of two years of consistent yoga practice
  • Completed a recognized 200-hour yoga teacher training program
  • Currently teaching yoga classes at the beginner level
  • Personal practice must be at an intermediate level
  • Essential to have proficient understanding and practice of backbends and shoulder stand

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Upcoming Trainings

February 2017 – December 2017
150-hr Therapeutics Advanced Teacher Training in Taipei, Taiwan
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August 2017 – November 2018
Advanced Teacher Training including Therapeutics
in Montreal, QC

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Trainings in Progress

December 2015-December 2017
Advanced Teacher Training including Therapeutics in Istanbul, Turkey
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