Essential Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour professional certification program

Begin the journey of self discovery…as the path of Yoga leads us closer to who we truly are…

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized teacher training is designed to awaken students to the full spectrum of Yoga. From physical and physiological precision alignment, to meditation and philosophy, this program encourages the nurturing of the whole being.

This extended program allows participants the opportunity to integrate the course content, as well as mature and grow as both yoga practitioners and teachers. A self-nourishing personal practice is what lies at the very heart of learning to teach, trainees are encouraged to practice regularly by attending ongoing classes, and establishing a steady home practice.

As you develop and deepen your own personal practice, this program will give you the skill set to share what you gather through your own process with others. Our unique curriculum provides a thorough, in-depth understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the postures, as well as concise cueing for dynamic, movement-based vinyasa practices. You will also receive the steps to grow a meditation practice, by introducing you to a diversity of Tibetan Buddhist techniques. Our approach encourages each student to internalize the skills they learn with us and find their own unique expression as a teacher.

Graduate teachers of this training are known for their strength in explaining the poses with precise verbal skills, their logical lesson planning, and a thorough understanding of anatomy as well as highly developed observational skills, confident adjustments, direct refinements and deep understanding of the use of props as learning tools.

This program is a unique opportunity to study and practice intensely with Hart Lazer, who has been teaching and training yoga teachers internationally for over 35 years.

Join this training, and establish the building blocks to support a practice that will continue to evolve and grow throughout a lifetime.

Program overview:

The programme includes both class attendance as well as independent study. Including 170-180 hours of class time and 20-30 hours of home practice and homework assignments.

Our programme offers a detailed examination and analysis of over 40 yoga postures. We cover the entire spectrum of the yoga poses – standing poses, backbends, twists, forward bends, inversions and restoratives – each session will cover one category of poses in detail. You will learn how to accurately practice and teach poses by breaking down each pose into component parts. This will give you the ability to wisely and safely adapt poses for different body types and different levels of flexibility, strength, and address limitation such as injury and age. You will also learn the proper use of props, we ensure that you are adept at teaching the poses in their active and supported forms.

This program also introduces the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. A variety of meditation techniques to quiet the mind will be explored, giving you the tools and ability to foster a stable meditation practice, as well as share the benefits of meditation with your students.

The key foundations of our program will provide you with building blocks to being a great teacher:

  • Effective teaching skills
  • Strong verbal communication
  • Proper demonstration techniques
  • Skillful corrections and adjustments based on observation
  • Understanding of the psychology of classroom management, group dynamics and fostering presence as a teacher
  • A clear knowledge base of yoga history and philosophy
  • A grounding in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, including Lovingkindness meditation
  • Basic art of sequencing and building a lesson plan
  • An applied understanding of functional anatomy

The teaching methods embrace a variety of different learning styles and offers a diversity of educational approaches:

  • Small group assignments and peer-based learning
  • Access to mentors who are readily available to answer questions and provide one-on-one feedback
  • Written homework assignments
  • Cultivation of a home asana practice to embody what is learned in class
  • Skills to create stable independent meditation practice and in-depth self exploration and reflection.
  • Final examination is in both oral and written form, with both a theoretical and practical component.

Photo Credit: Space Yoga ©

Photo Credit: Space Yoga ©


Upcoming Trainings

September 2017 – June 2018
200h Essential Teacher Training in Montreal, QC
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January – August 2018
200h Essential Teacher Training in Taipei, Taiwan
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Trainings in Progress

September 2016 – June 2017
200h Essential Teacher Training in Montreal, QC
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Programme requirements:

  • Submission of homework assignments. Typical homework includes written assignments that demonstrate clear understanding of the poses as well structured lesson planning.
  • Monthly independent home yoga and meditation practices are given to the group. Students are expected to explore these poses as part of their own practice in addition to class attendance.
  • Punctual attendance in full is mandatory. Should any hour’s be missed, the student is responsible to make up these hours in order to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Successfully pass both oral and written exams.

Admission requirements:

  • A regular yoga practice of at least one year (2-3 times a week) is recommended.