Yoga & Meditation Retreats

We will gather each morning to practice and learn yoga from a renowned master teacher Hart Lazer, with asana practice and guided meditation.

Yoga: Deepening your practice
A daily asana class is designed for students who wish to go deeper in their personal yoga practice. The focus will be on refinement, extending knowledge of alignment, exploration of breath and sensation with the goal of developing greater awareness and capacity during asana practice, as well as overall personal support and guidance from a seasoned yoga practitioner and teacher. Everyone will benefit from individual attention and come away with clearer directions for developing a lifelong practice. Movement with breath develops flexibility and strength in our minds and bodies, making it easier to quiet our chattering minds: this helps to prepare us for meditation.

Meditation: Relaxing the mind and heart
We practice simple meditation for everyday life in a supportive and friendly group environment.  You will receive clear step-by-step instructions on the practices of Buddhist meditation. Discover how meditation can be kept simple, approached with a friendly/ light-hearted attitude, and easily integrated into everyday life. Each meeting will start with a talk on a particular theme, followed by guided instruction. No previous experience required.

Upcoming Retreats

July 14-16, 2017
Yoga Intensive & Meditation Weekend Retreat
with Donna Read and Len Blum

Ste-Marguerite-Du-Lac-Masson, QC
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July 19 – 23, 2017
5-day Yoga Intensive and Meditation Retreat
Hubbards, NS
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